1914- Mother meets Aurobindo

1943- The School is formed at the Pondicherry ashram

1950- Aurobindo leaves his body

1956-"The Barrier was broken and the torrent rushed forth."

1958-First direct Supramental experience.The Pure Substance as the Inconscient.

‘58- Krishna in Gold- The vision of a child at the School: the Avatar gambols through the terrestrial terrain upsetting the status quo.

‘61- Mother’s first mention of a "new substance" to Satprem.

‘62- Great Turning Point "Only Love…and Love…and Love…; later I will explain, the vehicle is not yet ready." This marks the "first exit from the web" (Satprem). Omniscience/Hazur state. Conception of New Species.*

‘63- "Beginning of a new revelation…the body is everywhere…" then

The curtain closes for six years.

‘64- Pulsations of ’62 recur, but with an absolute autonomy to each moment. "…The non-existence of the goal…" Hukam state.*

"65- Double Discovery- 1) Primal nature of the physical mind as the conduit/nexus for the Energy/Force into terrestial form.

2) Introduction of New Species substance as new meeting ground. First pure voice/action of new substance in Mother’s form. Descent of the Supramental .*

‘66- Transfer of Power "…the body no longer depends on physical laws." Hukam state as stabilized constant in the matter.*

‘67- Exit through Death- First mention of possible physical trance state for Mother’s body.

‘68- Great Housecleaning "…mental [filter] and vital [filter] sent packing…" No more personalized experience. Nirvikalpa-Sarvakalpa state.*

‘69- "…the body feels like a new person…at 93! but that’s not enough."

‘60’s- The rocket lifts off .* "…a bit strange…"

‘70- Joining of the two sides- "…one within the other…" Nirvikalpa- Sarvakalpa as stabilized constant.*

‘70- Once again with Aurobindo in the new environment, "but with a world of explanations."

‘70-‘73- "…another time has entered…(the body inhabits) a no man’s land between life and death… the cells are conscious, that’s all I have to say…"

’73 - Contrary to her wishes, Mother’s entranced form is placed in the same crypt where Sri Aurobindo lies. Her commission continues until ’93.

‘70’s- Escape velocity is reached.*

‘79- Gobind Singh/Archangel Michael appears to Hukamji in physical form.

‘80’s- Ascending wave moves through Hukamji’s lotus centers.* "…everything becomes more acute…" Off the Deep End: the Old Order seals its endings into place.*

‘89- Nirvana-Samadhi for Hukamji: she receives the name Chiti-Ma - the walking/talking Mother of the Existence.

‘90- Chiti-Ma begins her outward mission, transmits shaktipad awakenings.

‘92- Direct Nirvana transmitted to and by the worker bees. Chiti Ma travels to the west.

‘93- Bodywork - Nirvana to the cells to awaken the Inconscient. Chiti-Ma becomes Bindu, the Child/Son energy,the Being. (Mother energy now

stabilized constant in terrestrial matter.*

‘93- Mother completes earthbound commission. Nirvana spreads to all humanity.

Sept. 93- Etheric Ascension transmitted to first wave Starseeds. The Father level manifests in matter as Bindu becomes Maha Kalki Avatara. In Oct. Al Shaddai (Divine Madman) emerges. Birth of Golden Cities.

Son energy now stabilized constant in matter.*

‘ 93-95- Etheric Ascension intensives spread world-wide.

‘94- Kalki meets Ugandan Master, Bambi Baaba (Melchizedek or Spiritual Fire energy in form.*

‘95- Kalki becomes 1) Ali, The Divine Friend. The Archangels come to Ali for recharge to carry on their commissions. The Iswara state. Father energy now stabilized constant in matter.*

2) Malke-Ul Ali - Owner of the Existences

3) Eckankar Ali - Truth Consciousness

‘Dec. 95-Ali energy receives the name Hazur - the Omnipresence (Essence of Light), the Purusha.*

Aurobindo enters body of Hazur - Mother enters body of Princess Terra.

‘96-97- Hazur:

1)- Walking on the Waters intensives begin in India.

2)- Cornerstones laid for Golden Cities in the Punjab and Charlottesville . Decca-Delta manifestation.

97- New Species Body 1) January- New Species Body emerges

2)April- Pure Matter introduces the Motionless (Brahman)* as essential state of being into terrestrial matter.

3)May 25th- Full descent of Supramental/Glow into the cells.

4)First announcement of newly emerged New Species Body: "I Am Nirvikalpa-Sarvakalpa". That which is beyond thought .

‘98- Hazur energy receives name Hukamji. (The Law of the Existences) ‘98- Old Order economic system blinks on and off. ‘99-"…end of time…" Hukamji

‘99- Kosovo/Chechnya conflict marks furthest expansion of anti-universe program of control.

‘99- Hazur energy transferred to worker bees.

‘99- Annapurna energy (infinite plenitude) enters terrestrial matter.

‘90’s- Gestation of New Species is complete; the Baby is delivered.

Oct. 2000- Archangels end commission phase ,"…have taken off their armor..."- Hukamji

2001- "…is the year…"- Hukamji



Mother’s Chronology

‘58- First direct Supramental Experience: past the physical mind into the Pure Substance as the Inconscient , descending first into a black crevice, "…with walls like black basalt… suffocating…". She then asks "how far down does this go?" and instantly hits ‘a spring’ that propels her into an environment "…like a powdering of warm gold…a single substance...vibrating at an extreme intensity."

"The light was a mixture of red and gold…a luminous orange...(it) altered the quality of its own vibration according to the needs or requirements…"

"I went to Sri Aurobindo’s residence. Everything was there but joy. He himself had joy, but it was not complete."

‘62- Great Turning Point- "…great pulsations…only Love and Love and Love: the thing is done. Later I will explain myself more clearly, the instrument is not yet ready." Exit from 2nd web; (1st is the physical mind) the physiological/genetic imprints. (Omniprescence or Mental Body of Hazur-ed.)[Conception of New Species -ed.]

‘63- "Beginning of a New Revelation"- "…you become a forest, a mountain, a river…" then the curtain closes for six years. (Gestation process of New Species begins-ed.)

‘63- "… my body is everywhere…and all the time it is seized by things…they come and fall on it from every side. So I have to keep still, and then I begin to wage the battle…physically, the body has all the sensations…After the ‘lesson’, an aspiration for the Truth and the Light to manifest here…and there was a contact…a pale blue light…an Assurance."

‘64- Mother touches the Foundation, the Mind Of the Cells. The pulsations of ’62 recur," but had no relation of cause and effect…each was a whole unto itself."

"Each instant of the Lord …carries its absolute Law. Now there’s a kind of absoluteness each second…this (horizontal motion) connection does not exist. Instead , its like this (vertical)…a sensation of the non-existence of the goal (which had) a purpose…like a spring...(now it) doesn’t seem to be there…because its become useless." (The Law, or Hukamji state- ed.)

‘64- "Everything is organized, right down to the smallest detail. It is not arranged the way we arrange things in our ordinary consciousness, it is the Force PRESSING on the earth and making men do the most unlikely things, the worst and the best alike…so that the desired result is obtained."

"If everything had gone well, they would have puffed themselves up with statistics."

‘64"The whole youth is seized with a strange vertigo…it is the breaking down of all rules and habits…its good. For the moment, it’s a bit ‘strange’, but it is necessary…its like a pressure exerted on matter so that the desired result is may emerge from it. And whatever form this response takes, it is part of the overall action."

‘65-Double Discovery- 1) Primal Nature of physical mind as the nexus/conduit between the body as matter and the Source as Energy/Force; so deeply ingrained that to call in the Supramental Force to override the mechanism caused fainting.

2) 7/21/65- Mind of the Cells speaks, throwing off the sense of malaise from the mental/emotional and the physical mind’s remedy for this turbulence , which is inertness. Instead it announces that all it will accept is the Splendour of the Supreme. Mother was then bathed in Golden Light. "Like grasping the tail of the solution." (descent of the Supra-Mental to the cellular consciousness-ed.) ‘66- Transfer of Power- a "change of functioning…the body no longer depends on physical laws…a small inkling of what the Supramental will be…the outside will come at the very end…when everything is ready."

‘67- "Death is only an old habit…it is not the opposite of life…only a detour life takes to accomplish its ends."

"It is possible this body may enter a state of trance that appears cataleptic…the body needs time…the New Consciousness is emerging."

‘68- Great Housecleaning- The mental and vital filters depart. Taking "the best of the higher mind and the worst of the physical mind." Supramental Will takes direct charge of all the cellsof Mother’s body. (Hukamji as stabilized constant in terrestial matter.)

‘68- "and then, all of a sudden…the change takes place…like the moment when man appeared on earth (out of the hominids)."

"In any case, something is really changing; we will see the precursory signs…These movements are still preliminary, therefore scattered, not organized… but for one who knows how to see it, it is evident."

"The final stage must be this: The substitution of the True Vibration."

‘70- 2nd Exit from the Web- The "joining of the two sides, one within the other…the body (is) constantly…no longer this, not yet that. I’ll soon be dangerously contagious, you know!"

"Everything is difficult. I don’t sleep and I am not awake, what is it…? I don’t know."

After a series of ‘heart attacks’, "…if it wasn’t what it is and how it is, anybody else would be dead by know."

"I spent the entire evening with Sri Aurobindo; (in the new environment-six years have passed) but with a world of explanations…The Divine…is in us, but not harmonized."

‘71- "I am touching another world…another way of being, you would call "modus vivendi’…marvelous…death and life are changing into something else we still don’t know…"

"It’s as if another time had come into this time."

‘72- "A tremendous force pressing on matter…it seems as if catastrophes are inevitable…but solutions to the situation…(that are) truly marvelous…many things that ordinarily happen indifferently are becoming acute…everything becomes acute…There’s no more big and small."

Additional Helpful Hints

It is Love that coalesces into flame, which then expands as light into its many manifestations/expressions.

- Mother (paraphrased)

The solution preceeds the problem.

- Mother



High beyond the Intelligence is the Great Self, beyond the Great Self is the Unmanifest, Beyond the Unmanifest is the Conscious Being, there is nothing beyond the Being - that Is the extreme ultimate, that the Supreme Goal.

- Katha Upanishad



The material realm too cannot for very much longer be our sole or separate world of experience, for the partitions which divide it from the psychic and other kingdoms behind it are wearing thin and voices and presences are beginning to break through and reveal their import on our world.

- Sri Aurobindo

Actually, we do not seek, we are sought. We do not call, we are called.


The Life Divine (Sri Aurobindo) Mother,or the New Species (Satprem)

Mother, or the Mutation of Death (Satprem) Journal of Gate Mastery (The Glow/ Hukamji)

Poetic Invocations

Big Eyed Beans from Venus

Distant cousins; there’s a limited supply

And were down to the dozens,

And this is why…

Big-Eyed Beans from Venus…oh my oh my!

Boys and Girls…earth people round the circle,

Mixtures of man alike,

Big-Eyed Beans from Venus, don’t let anything

Get in between us!

‘Cuz a man or a woman without

A Big-Eyed Bean from Venus

Is seperated at the waist,

As the case is…

Put out the Sun and when the night comes

You don’t have to go out and get ‘em,

They’ll flow with you,

They’ll go with you,

They’ll show with you….

Ain’t no loser, cuz they’re on the right track;

You can be on the right track…of course,of course…

Ain’t no snafu, no fault or wrong…

Check these out!… Big Eyed Beans from Venus …

Let a few out, let ‘em pass in between us!

Distant Cousins…there’s a limited supply,

And were down to the dozens,

And this is why…

Don’t let anything come between us!

Big-Eyed Beans from Venus!

Captain Beefheart-1970

Brown Star

"I know of a Brown Star

That only very certain people have found…

A lot of people look up,

But very few look down…

But you ask a child and they’ll just jump up and down,

Sayin’, "we found a

Brown Star,

Right on the Ground.

Captain Beefheart 1972

(liner notes-The Dust Blows Forward)

When darkness deepens strangling the earth’s breast

And man’s corporeal mind,

Is the only Lamp

As a thief’s in the night shall be the covert tread

Of one who steps unseen into his house.

A Voice ill-heard shall speak, the soul obey,

A power into mind’s inner chamber steal,

A charm and sweetness open life’s closed doors

And beauty conquer the resisting world,

The truth-light capture Nature by surprise,

A stealth of God compel the heart to bliss

And earth grow unexpectedly divine.

In Matter shall be lit the spirit’s glow,

In body and body kindled the sacred birth;…

A few shall see what none yet understands;

God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep;

For man shall not know the coming until its hour

And belief shall be not till the work is done.

Sri Aurobindo (The Life Divine)