Compiled and Written by B'nai Or

The following chronology highlights salient points from this century at which times the approaching Truth Realm - the Supramental - the Divine Physical Life announced itself. A series of realized beings whose commission it was to fix the Supramental in terrestrial matter is the focus of the following material. Far from being the spiritual wasteland posited by various intelligentsia, the 20th century has been drenched with the physical presence of awakened beings, manifestors of Truth who have been heralds of Supramental Existence. But there was a necessity for a hand-off from one physical body to another in order to realize an increasingly vivid and uncompromisingly stark insistence: that the annihilation of death in the physical matter is the ultimate or final Yoga towards which all others are stepping stones. And though hints and clues pointing to this truth are found in the presentations of the spiritual Masters who have graced this time, it fell to this sequence of embodiments to pass beyond spiritual mastery and submit themselves to the process of freeing the physical vehicle from death, thus introducing humanity to its next level of evolution as the New Species.

All unattributed comments in quotes are the Mother’s. * denotes editorial comments. The remaining text of the chronology (up to ’73) and of the Hints is a paraphrase of Satprem’s observations.


Sri Aurobindo - Initial pioneer of the New Species who, after working as an early advocate for Indian independence and summarizing India’s artistic, spiritual and intellectual history in written works, then dedicated his later years solely to the fixing of the True Physical in earthly matter.

The Mother - Spiritual helpmate to Sri Aurobindo who worked from the still point of Aurobindo to clear a path through the ocean of malaise for others to travel.

Satprem - Spiritual adventurer who sat with the Mother as her self-described "geographer" during her ‘excavations’, writing down her …"discoveries of special interest"…

 Hukamji- Born into a Sikh family , Hukamji was catapulted into a sadhana of spiritual mastery at the appearance in 1979 of her satguru, Gobind Singh, in physical form. Her commission was to create "friends, not followers" by introducing those she encountered to their own mastery. Hukamji concentrated, organized and explicated the terrain opened by Aurobindo and the Mother.

Gobind Singh - 10th Master of the Sikh lineage

Nirvikalpa - Without thought ; the Motionless

Sarvakalpa - Divine Will in action

Nirvana -Samadhi- opening of the 7th Lotus

Chit - Executive Force: the Mother Energy

Etheric - Plane of pure distribution of the Pure Substance

Kalki - Final incarnation of Vishnu ( the concretizing Force),the Key-Holder to the new age.

Inconscient - Yin face of the Pure Substance

Iswara - Soverign Authority

Purusha - The Experiencer

Brahman - Formless Source and the Source as Form